Some of my much-loved mouse books.

Pre-K Maggie

Making things at pre-K group.


Mouse - age 9?

Wedding Mice

Wedding mice.


Studio setup - looking very neat and organized!

hand-made ornaments by Maggie Smith

Some of my hand-made ornaments

Maggie Smith stuffed toys

My stuffed toys - see more here.


Mouse dolls
Dolls I made after my

Sewing pattern
One of my sewing patterns.

Bubbit book
Models for my Bubbit book.

Cat pic 1
Cat pic 2
Cat pic 3

My kitties, Lance & Lester - adorable, funny, constant company.

Maggie making illustrations for One Mitten

Making the illustrations for One Mitten.

Maggie Smith childhood home

My architect dad's "addition" to my childhood house.